Phản hồi của bạn



1. Prices is rising day by day
2. Nitrile gloves are mainly supplied from Malysia and Vietnam and price from Malaysia is higher a little bit than Vietnam. Furthermore, covid-19 is controlled in Vietnam and we willing to export bigger quantity because the need in domestic is small
3. All seller (they can be trading company or factory) require to pay deposit in advance at least 30%, refuse LC 100% at sight. The buyers have no choice in this business because demand is greater than supply now
4. Demand is really high but there was not many contracts signed because of some reasons:
  • too many people take part in (broker in both sides buyer and seller)
  • verifying process the trust of seller get stuck => you will not pay deposit in advance for whom you don’t trust, it’s not small amount of money
  • buyer want to buy goods in stock but goods in factory are ordered, you have to queue and follow schedule


1. buyer should have a partner in the country of seller to verify them
2. you don’t have partner? Ask yourself whether your need is real and you ready to pay deposit in advance? If YES
  • 2.1 work with directly factory
  • 2.2 verify seller if they are trading company by all the document they have
3. you should be the one who has a little knowledge of international commerce (incoterms, international payment methods…)

4. Contact me to buy nitrile gloves: whatsaap 0084-977132019